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Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

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Background Check Policy for Volunteers

In order to ensure the safety and well being of the members of the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida (the “council”), the council reserves the right to disqualify or restrict the duties of any person who has been convicted of certain crimes; who has pled guilty or no contest to certain crimes; who has been placed on probation or deferred adjudication for certain crimes or who the council, in its sole discretion, based upon the information before it, otherwise deems as not qualified or fit to hold a volunteer position.

The criminal background check is one component of the council’s volunteer application procedure, the goal of which is to screen prospective volunteers and place capable and qualified adults in all operational positions. Appointment to a volunteer position is subject to a completed application and the satisfactory completion of an interview. The council will conduct a criminal background search on all prospective volunteers. If deemed necessary, personal references will be reviewed.

The council performs independent searches of public records and contracts with an external vendor to conduct background checks, which include a criminal history search. The criminal offenses that will disqualify a person from volunteer participation in the council, and the process used to determine disqualification of a person from volunteer participation, are set out in greater detail below. The decision whether to exclude or limit a prospective volunteer’s participation remains at all times within the discretion of the council. Factors to be considered by the council in making such determinations include, but are not limited to, the nature and severity of the criminal conduct, and the length of time since the criminal conduct occurred. The council’s

primary concern is always to safeguard the best interests of its members. 

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