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Council Credits/Council Dough/Program Credits are distributed by the product Program Department to Girl Scouts that have earned them. Parents will receive an email from GSWCF informing the total amount/type of credit their girl earned. This email will be sent out after the program is concluded and all money is collected from parents.

  •  Girl rewards and not able to be transferred to a troop for general use. They may transfer to a specific girl by emailing Customer Care and requesting the transfer. 

Council Dough/Council Credits can be used to pay for membership, summer camp, programs/events (MYGS and SU), destinations, and items in the Girl Scout Store.

Beginning with Fall Program 2022 Council Dough/Council Credit expires within two years at the end of the membership year after being awarded (i.e. Council Dough earned Fall 2022 (awarded Jan. 2023) expires 9/30/2025). Previously earned Council Dough/Council Credit do not have expiration dates.

Program Credits may be used for program registrations on MYGS. Fall Program credits expire within one year at the end of membership year (i.e. Program Credits earned Fall 2022 (awarded Jan. 2023) expire 09/30/24). Cookie Program Credits expire within one year at the end of membership year (i.e. Program Credits earned Spring 2023 (awarded May 2023) expire 09/30/24. 

Requesting Balance

Customers may request a balance for their Council Dough/Council Credit, Camp Bucks or Program Credits. 

Types of credits may be in paper form or digital communications.

Council Dough is awarded for Fall and Cookie programs. It may previously be known as Nut Bucks and Cookie Dough. Other credits: Camp Bucks (only used for summer camp), Troop Reward Vouchers (paper), Council Credit (awarded to a Juliette/IRG, Program Credits (only used for program registrations on MYGS site)

To redeem the Council Dough/ Council Credit online.

If you would like to register online into an event or renew membership using Council Dough / Council Credit

  • Log into My Account, during checkout select Program Credit.

You can mail it to Tampa Leadership Center, 4610 Eisenhower Blvd., Tampa, FL 33634 with a detailed letter of what you would like to apply it to and be sure to have the girls name, Guardian name, email, phone number. Please note we cannot guarantee spaces when you mail in council dough for event registration. You can purchase the tickets to event using debit / credit card then proceed to bring in or mail in the Cookie Dough/ Council Dough. Please include letter explaining that you would like to apply the credit to the event (name event) and girls name and wish to be refunded the amount you paid.

If registering for a SU event.

Let your service unit know that you would like to register using your council dough / council credits. They can reach out to Customer Care to let us know girl name, event attending and amount to be reimbursed and payment will be issued directly to the service unit. If the family pays the SU directly, they may be reimbursed. Request can be sent to Customer Care along with proof of registration and payment.

Store Purchases:

Cookie Dough/ Council Dough / Council Credit

  • Council dough/council credits can be used in our Leadership Girl Scout Store or Camp Stores. Let the store associate know that you are using Council Dough/ Council Credit and they will look up your balance.

If you have Paper Version that is not expired

Please bring it into the store and you can shop with your cookie dough/ council dough.

Camp Bucks

Camp Bucks will expire in the same year they were earned (i.e. Camp Bucks earned with 2023 cookie season must be used for the 2023 summer camp season). Camp bucks are earned during Cookie Season. Camp Bucks can only be used toward Summer Camp Registration and up to one camp care kit. After you register your Girl Scout for the upcoming Summer Camp, you can request to have the camp bucks applied to the balance. Deposits can be refunded if Camp Bucks pay for full camp balance.

  • Note: There are a few 2022 summer Camp Bucks rolled forward due to Summer Camp early closure.

Using Cookie Dough/Council Dough for Gold Award (or higher award)

Cookie dough/council dough may not be used for Gold Award project expenses. They may use troop proceeds, if it does not exceed 1/3 of project budget. Girls in the troop vote to use the funds that way and all girls receive equal funds. A Juliette (IRG) may use Council Credit if it does not exceed 1/3 of the project budget.

Request to Transfer Cookie Dough/Council Dough/Council Credits or Camp Bucks to a Different Council

Cookie dough/council dough/council credits/program credits are not transferrable to another council.

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