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What is the new Raspberry Rally Cookie?

The Raspberry Rally Cookie has a pink crisp raspberry flavored center and dipped in the same chocolate coating as our popular Thin Mint cookie. For more information, visit the Meet the Cookies page on our website.

How and when will Raspberry Rally Cookie be available?

The Raspberry Rally Cookie will be sold exclusively on the Digital Cookie™ platform with direct shipping to the customer’s door. It will be available for Girl Scouts when our council’s season begins, Jan. 4.

Why is Raspberry Rally only available online?

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is all about teaching entrepreneurship. When searching for new opportunities for girls GSUSA considered simplicity, new skills, and building overall excitement for everyone. This approach enables girls to learn entrepreneurship through their own online business by building relevant omni- channel selling skills, pitching to customers online and providing convenience.

Concerns about shipping and handling costs

Shipping costs are affected by many factors including shipping demand, transportation costs and fuel prices. These prices are driven by the vendors and not Girl Scouts of the USA.

Is Raspberry Rally being sold online because of the pandemic or issues with the 2022 cookie sale?

The decision to sell Raspberry Rally exclusively online was made well before the pandemic. Planning for the production and rollout of consumer package goods takes many years of research and development.

Why would you offer a new cookie but only in limited quantities?

In partnership with our bakers GSUSA believes we will have sufficient inventory to meet forecasted online volume needs. However, based on a relatively short cookie season and in anticipation of supply chain issues, GSUSA determined a fixed amount of production.

Can I purchase a large quantity and distribute them to sell at booths?

The Raspberry Rally cookie is only available for purchase on girls’ digital platforms. It is not available for in-person sales and economically purchasing cookies at retail value and paying shipping fees isn’t a sound business decision.

Is Raspberry Rally Vegan?

The Raspberry Rally cookie is made with vegan ingredients. You can find additional information on our Meet the Cookies page.

Is the new Raspberry Rally cookie gluten free?

The new Raspberry Rally Cookie is not gluten free. We do offer Toffee-Tastic® which is gluten free.

Does Raspberry Rally Use Palm Oil?

Like most baked snacks sold in the United States, palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world and is an ingredient in Raspberry Rally. Per GSUSA's licensed bakers, it is necessary to use palm oil in our cookies because of its unique ability to provide volume and texture in baked goods, usually without adding trans fats. Additionally, growing palm oil requires less land in comparison to other vegetable oils and supports the livelihoods of more than 4 million farmers globally. Although we continue to explore alternatives, currently, there are no viable or readily available alternatives for use in the production of Girl Scout Cookies.

How long will Raspberry Rally cookie be available for purchase?

The Raspberry Rally Cookie will be available while supplies last this year.

Where does the Raspberry Rally Cookie Ship?

The Raspberry Rally Cookie will ship directly to the customer address placed in the Digital Cookie.

Why is the new flavor raspberry?

The Raspberry Rally Cookie was developed with both of the GSUSA licensed bakers and tested among focused groups that expressed significant interest in this flavor.

Is the new package environmentally friendly?

GSUSA is also working with its bakers toward sustainable and ethical sourcing of Girl Scout Cookie ingredients, including our packaging. The plastic tray material and cardboard packaging is recyclable in many areas, please check with your local facilities. GSUSA is also working with its bakers to improve the environmental footprint of its cookie packaging, as we recognize the need to reduce emissions and the number of materials used as much as possible.

Will any of the old cookies be going away?

No! The Raspberry Rally has been added in addition to our other nine favorite flavors this year.

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