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To register your troop for an Event please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Girl Scout Account on gswcf.org.

2. Select “My Events” on the left-hand side.

3. Select the link” Register for another event

4. Add a Zip Code and you can change the radius up to 90 miles of that zip code

5. Select "Event Details" when you find the event you would like to register into

6. Select the amount of Girl and Adult Tickets that you need by selecting the plus sign by each box. Then Select “Add Events

7. When Registering a Troop select the circle that says “My Troop member”. When you are registering only your household you can select ”My Household” When you select My Troop member 2 drop-down menu will appear, the first one will contain your troop number. The second drop-down contains member names to select.

8. Once you select all the adults and girls, you then select "Review Cart'.

9. Agree to the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and then select Add Payment Details.

10. Fill out your payment information and then select "Submit Payment".

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