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Activity Accident Insurance, also known as Tag or Tagalong Insurance, is required for any Girl Scout activity that will have non-members in attendance OR girls of a different program level (D/B/J/C/S/A), who are not of the proper age for the activity and not participating as a service project. 

Tag insurance may be purchased through the following link. The link will walk you through the following information, as well as calculating the premium due and collecting payment. 

Please read before purchasing Tag Insurance

Insurance Information 

Tag insurance must be purchased in advance – preferably at least one week in advance. Once this form is submitted, GSWCF staff will receive a notification letting us know that we need to purchase the requested insurance from Mutual of Omaha. If you are submitting this form less than a week before your event, contact Yazmin Garcia ([email protected]) after submitting the form to confirm that she has received it.  In a last-minute situation we can purchase the insurance up to the **weekday before** the event occurs (at the latest), but please submit your requests early to assure someone is available to process your request.  

  • Tag Insurance is required for any Girl Scout activity that will include non-members. For example, a bridging ceremony or fundraiser that families of the girls will attend, or a sibling tagging along on a troop field trip.  
  • Tag Insurance is also required for any girl member attending an activity, but is not of the proper age for the activity and is not participating as a service project. For example, a Daisy GS tagging along with a parent leader to Cadette level activity needs Tag insurance. Conversely, a Senior GS assisting at a Brownie meeting does not need Tag insurance, since she is providing service help. 

  • The cost is $0.11 per person per day and there is a transaction minimum of $5.00. If your total is less than the minimum, you will be charged a total of $5.00. 

  • Example -  If at your event you plan to invite siblings, parents, and friends, you would need to estimate (preferably on the high side) the number of guests – or non-members – who would be attending. (All who are registered members are already covered by this accident insurance through their membership fee.) If you have 35 guests in attendance: 35 x $0.11 =$3.85, you would pay the minimum $5.00. 

  • This form is set up to allow for Tag Insurance to be purchased for up to fifteen events in one transaction so that you don't have to make multiple $5.00 purchases if each total is below the minimum.  If you need to purchase insurance for more than 15 events, you will need to submit the form multiple times. If this is the case, try to divide the 16+ events up in a way that each total purchase (each form submitted) adds up to at least the $5 minimum in order to minimize your costs. 

  • Once the insurance is purchased we are not able to issue any refunds, and if any additional participants are added to your activity you will need to pay at least the $5 transaction minimum to purchase additional insurance. 

  • Once we have purchased your insurance plan from Mutual of Omaha, a copy of the confirmation email will be forwarded to you. 

*Urgent Tag Insurance Requests*

Please notify Yasmine Garcia if your form is submitted less than a week before your event.

Email: [email protected] 

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