Volunteer/Parent Grievance Procedure

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

Last Update a year ago

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida (GSWCF) maintains an open door policy regarding volunteer concerns and grievances. This is a documented process which ensures an objective, confidential, and orderly handling of grievances. Complaints are thoroughly and promptly investigated. Most concerns can be resolved within the troop or service unit when they are discussed and worked out between the individuals involved. If these efforts do not resolve the conflict, it should be brought to the attention of the Service Unit Manager or appropriate service unit team member. Most conflicts will be resolved through informal conferences and communications, the goal of which is to resolve the conflict.

If a volunteer, parent or service unit team is unable to resolve a complaint through informal efforts, they may initiate the Volunteer Grievance Procedure. Depending on the severity of the incident, GSWCF has the authority to take immediate action, including coaching the individual, creating a performance improvement plan to outline expectations, or the immediate removal of a volunteer.

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